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Hotel Heera Celebration

Social or corporate, all events at Heera Celebration are provided with heighest standard of professionalism, servicing and setting of unmatched experienced and desired gratification. Wedding, Parties, Meetings and other Momentous events add a tinge of excellence once they're held at us. Each and every events is shaped to sucess through available facilities and superlative infrasrtucture.

Come alone or bring your family with you, stay here for a night or for weeks, stay here while on business trip or at some kind of conference - either way our hotel is the best possible variant. The hotel has every facility and amenity to take care of your holiday needs. Combine with that the excellent service standards of the hotel and its committment to providing excellent hospitality and what you get is a property worth staying in. The rooms have every facility where the focus is on slick service within avant-garde environs. The aim is to take the stress off the traveller and transport him to a paradise of sorts. source: Intech

Heera Celebration is one of the cheapest budget hotel/hostel in Mathura, India. Located in the locality of Heera Celebration Junction Road, Dampier Nagar Opp Kaila Devi Temple , Heera Celebration offers the budget traveler and his/her family a friendly accommodation at the lowest room rate. Heera Celebration is within the easy reach of the center of Mathura, India, the nearest airport and its major attractions. The Heera Celebration is known for its affordable accommodation options, well kept rooms and common areas, friendly reservation counter staff, nearby restaurants and bars, and of course, service and staff that try to make your stay at Heera Celebration worthwhile. 



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